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Sustainable Community Development


Temwa is a Bristol based charity working to help build sustainable futures for remote communities in northern Malawi.

Malawi is one of the poorest countries in the world, and life for people in the hard-to-reach communities Temwa reaches, in Nkhata Bay North, is particularly challenging. We are working where no one else will.


The communities face: chronic food shortages, preventable diseases from unclean water, high rates of HIV and AIDs, limited basic education, flooding due to deforestation, limited healthcare, very few roads and minimal employment opportunities.

Our community-led projects focus on equipping households and community groups with the skills and resources they need to support themselves in the long-term.

We want to work ourselves out of a job.


By taking part in Rock N Rumble, you are helping the communities we partner with to not just survive but eventually thrive.


Over the last 15 years, the communities we work with have:

  • Planted over 1 million trees
  • Tested more than 25,000 people for HIV
  • Trained more than 5,000 farmers to reduce hunger and malnutrition.
  • Raised literacy rates of primary and secondary education students
  • Supported over 1,100 entrepreneurs including our new bakery training
  • Provided safe drinking water to over 3000 people *new project*



Local supporting Local

We could not do what we do without you.

We partner with brilliant people in the UK to enable our work in Malawi – from DJ’s to restaurants, wrestlers to artists.

Grab a friend and get involved with the magical events and ultimate sponsored challenges we host throughout the year. Every pound you raise goes a long way to transforming people’s lives. Discover our upcoming events here.

Through Temwa, local communities in Bristol and beyond are supporting local communities in Malawi.


Ruth’s Story

Many children in Nkhata Bay North grow up orphaned, due to the heartbreaking reality of  HIV & AIDS. Incredible caring women in the community have stepped up..

Ruth joined Temwa’s agricultural programme to provide for her own four children, hear elderly mother and two orphans. Ruth worked hard and was chosen to grow for other families too. She made great sales from her vegetables and continues to support orphans, pays for her children’s schooling and has built a holiday home business. 

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